About Stoopy x HellDog

About Stoopy x HellDog
Sometimes where Heaven and Hell collide is where some of the greatest creation are made. Once you survive the chaos, it will only evolve you into your greatest and strongest form. 

Stoopy is all about feelings, emotions and spreading positive messaging through graphics and apparel. Everything from the graphics down to the colour palette are all intended to express a range of feelings and emotions which effect our everyday lives subconsciously. 

HellDog on the other hand is a white doberman from Hell. He is the primordial state of existence, here to disturb the comfort, to inspire creation and to push through the impossible, reaching the best version of yourself. 


This cute plushie is a must-have for every fan of Stoopy & Helldog. This adorable and collectible plush Stoopy x HellDog plushie is great for hugging and cuddling. 


Designed by Shylow Stoops® & Wrong.Jessica



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